Samprasob Resort…The Land of Fascinating Tri-River

Samprasob is a 6-acre resort located on such a beautiful riverside behind the Wachiralongkorn Dam (locally called Kaolam Dam). It is also set by the Utamanusorn Bridge (Mon Bridge), which is the longest wooden bridge in Thailand and a symbol of Thai – Mon relationship. Undoubtedly, how much impression you will get from our most spectacular scene of Mon Bridge and the area that three rivers, which are included Songgalia, Runtee and Beklie, have flowed to become one and that it is call “SAMPRASOB”. (sam = three and prasob = meet/come together)

Furthermore, Samprasob Resort has been well known for longer than twenty years. And, we never stop improving for the best of our accommodations, foods, restaurant and services to welcome customers from all over the world. We promise to serve you as in paradise.
Visit us and feel the paradise on earth today!

Mon Bridge…the longest wooden bridge in Thailand

From the beginning, local people called this bridge as “One Baht Bridge”. It was built of bamboos tied together like a long raft across the river, but left open in the middle. So, when people wanted to cross the river, they had to pay one Thai Baht then staff would pull the bamboo raft to connect the bridge.

After that, Luang Pau Utama, who is a distinguished and venerable monk, thought of helping people not to pay for crossing the river every day. He decided to have Mon people build a bridge of excellent woods. Eight months later, in 1987, the bridge had been done by labor and faith from Mon people without use of any engine at all.

It was formally named as “Utamanusorn Bridge”. However, local people just call it “Sa-paan Mon” as it is shorter and easier. (Bridge means “sa-paan” in Thai) Also, with its 438 meters length, Mon Bridge becomes the longest wooden bridge in Thailand.

From then on, it has been used by people on Sangklaburi District, mostly Thai, and people in Mon Village to visit the other side of the river. Walking along the bridge will let you see a tremendous panorama of the lake behind Wachiralongkorn Dam and the area where three rivers become one. Until now, Mon Bridge has been renovated for four times already.

Sangklaburi…Unseen Thailand

Sangklaburi is one of the districts in Kanchanaburi province and a border between Thailand and Burma. Traveling approximately 200 kilometers from Kanchanaburi city area, along the highway number 323, you will reach Taungpaapoom district. Then, turn right at the T-junction and continue for 74 kilometers. Along the tortuous and steep road, you will enjoy such natural scenery before arrive at Sangklaburi.

There are many distinctive points that make Sangklaburi is a perfect place for your vacation.

First of all, it is located at the very end of western Thailand, which has frontier with Burma. So, you would not only see the “Three Pagodas”, the historical traveling place, but also can cross to visit some part of Burma too. Moreover, the entire area of Sangklaburi is on the lakeside behind Wachiralongkorn Dam. No need to wonder how beautiful it is. There are three rivers, consist of Songgalia, Runtee and Beklie, have flowed to combine one another which is called “SAMPRASOB” and that it is where the Kwae Noi River has begun.

Furthermore, Sangklaburi has abundant natural resources such as jungles, mountains, caves, and waterfalls. You can easily find a lot of fun activities to do or just relax and let the nature soothe you.

Last but not least, there are many different races people live in Sangklaburi; namely Thai, Mon, Karenese, Burmese, Muslim and Hindu. This is a great chance to explore the cultural distinction such as languages, religion, foods, dressing, etc. Travelers will be impressed by varieties of funs and relaxations. They always leave with unforgettable delight and happiness. Of course, they come back again and again!



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