SAMPRASOB RESORT welcomes you and introduces you to the land of diverse cultural and ethnic historic land. Legend of the forest and the river is one of the most fertile in the country. With many interesting attractions. The time limit for you. The three programs have concluded that the following important and interesting.Programs, treking – rafting –and the long tail boat to under water temple.

We’ll bring you into the forest from the seam Thung Yai Naresuan . Walks in the forest with its rich and varied. With various species of plants. You will be entertained, we arrived at the headwaters, “Tsonga lia” This river originates from Burma. Traverses the edge, joined with several other lines in the watershed. There are plenty of great forests and rivers. The strength of the water level 2-3 and level 4 in the rainy season the river is ideal for tourists who come for fun and not too dangerous.

 Duration of activities, treking, river rafting around 3 hours

The boat is well to remember the past. For this activity. Will take you a long tail boat. Atmosphere of water Sangkhlaburi. To go to the old WANGWIWAKARAM temple . The flood water in the dam now sunk to a year would appear to be full during the month of April only. And in the rainy season is flooded and It lost again. So you have to admire the beauty. Architecture in the past and the unseen in thailand with another.

All boat – elephant – hiking – rafting bamboo raft. The long tail boat to the old temple and  go to the elephant camp.Riding an elephant  into the jungle to headwater  “RUNTEE” . after  lunch  The bamboo raft trip down the river running fun, exciting and safe ride back to the hotel and was impressed.

Cost of the itinerary you choose
Package Price
Rafting. 400 THB.
Boat – Elephant – hiking – rafting. 1,000 THB.

And Motor Bike automatic 300 baht/day  (exclude gas)

The resort has a mountain bike (with gears) available for rent. In charge at 50 baht/day

the resort  has vans and driver  for rent  across the country

Car rentals are available throughout  the third row seat, soft big seat and comfortable throughout the trip with a TV and Karaoke service (like music or singing something. You can prepare to open it) All levels of experience. Van safe. Discipline and to all the people that you do so (081) 644-3467.)