By Cars

Driving along highway # 323 from Kanchanaburi city area around 140 Kilometers, you will reach a T-junction before Taungpaapoom district. Then, turn right at the T-junction and continue for 74 kilometers to end at Sungklaburi. Also, you can follow our signposts or simply ask local people for direction to Samprasob Resort. Estimated time from Bangkok to Sangklaburi is 5 hours. We recommend skilled drivers as the road is tortuous and steep; especially from Taungpaapoom heading to Sangklaburi requires highly cautious driving.

By Buses

This is the most convenient way as there are coaches run directly from Bangkok to Sangklaburi without any transfer. Tickets are available at Morchit Bus Station, Bangkok and the route is called Bangkok – Darn Jaydee Sam Aong (Three Pagoda pass). Allow yourself 6 hours on the coach before getting into Sangklaburi.

Besides, you can depart from Sai Tai Mai Bus Station, Bangkok as well. On route Bangkok – Kanchanaburi, the bus takes 2 hours. After getting off at Kanchanaburi Bus Station, you can either catch a bus route Kanchanaburi – Taungpaapoom – Sangklaburi, which takes another 4 hours, or use vehicle services operated by Asia Triyoke Bus Lines Co., Ltd. They offer you two options of three and a half hour rides that are vans (118 THB) and coaches (151 THB). Services are hourly from 7.30 am. – 4.30 pm.

For more information, please contact Kanchanaburi Tour at 02-435-5012 or visit www.transport.co.th

By Trains

The trains depart from Hualumpong Train Station and arrive at Nam Tok station (adjacent to Trai Yok Noi waterfall). After arriving, simply look for coaches which parked nearby. This is a stop for coaches that run from Bangkok to Sangklaburi. Further detail can be found in www.railway.co.th

Samprasob Resort
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Tel : (034) 595-050, (085) 811-8711
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** Please note that departure time and fares are subject to change regularly. It is a better idea to check the up-to-date schedule and rates before departure.